Monday, October 5

Snow is a Four-Letter Word

The forecast was for 3 days of rain, Sun. through Tues. Well folks, two weeks into autumn and it's snowing, since last night...we have at least an inch on the ground and it is supposed to snow all day. Not that this is a surprise; it has snowed the first week of Oct. for the past three years now.

A female house sparrow near the bird bath in our back yard, this morning about 7:00 AM...

A female house finch at the bird bath two days ago. It was a nice, warm day.

Two berries on the hawthorne tree by our front porch, this morning. Snow beard?


  1. A taste of things to come for you there Jann. Don't forget to feed those birds!

  2. Of my blogger friends Jann, you are the first to report snow...Remember snow is good!

  3. Hi jann

    how do those poor little birds keep warm in the snow...

    Happy days

  4. A belated Happy Birthday Jann!!!!

    Hope your day was filled with joy!!!

  5. You have my deepest sympathies;) A freeze is expected here this weekend and it could snow. We usually don't get snow this early in October but it's possible. And to think, I used to love snow.