Wednesday, September 30

Someone Goosed Me!

I took a drive to Bear Butte Lake yesterday, despite the pre-tornado wind velocity...had to scratch the itch ya know, see if anything is migrating...

Yep, it's official...the Canada geese have begun to move...I saw a small flock flying overhead on my way to the lake, and there were two small groupings on the lake as well. Sigh. I love autumn but we don't get any autumn here in S least 2/3rds of it is gobbled up by early winter...our first snowfall is predicted for tonight in hiss! No Deb, I am not ready for winter #6...whhaaaaa...

Besides the geese, I saw lots of coots and this lone killdeer, which were all too far away to get a decent shot of.


  1. Our area is overrun with Canada geese who stay with us all winter. Interesting, when I was a child we never saw geese in the winter. Then in the 80's and 90's we didn't seem to have much snow cover thru the winter and the geese remained. The last couple years the snow has stayed on the ground most of the winter but still the geese don't leave. Perhaps some have lost the instinct to migrate.

  2. Giggle!!! What an intriguing title!!!

  3. Is the Kildeer a migrant species Jann ?

  4. You won't be able to surprise me with your annual "first snow" phone call tomorrow. Off to pick up Mom at the airport in two hours. Sister

  5. Yesterday it was summer here with temps at 80 and today it snowed with the high in the 40's. Hopefully fall will be here next week - we call it Indian summer. Great pictures.

  6. Enjoyed the Canadian Geese that goosed you Jann...

    We are expecting our first frost here in Ohio tonight.