Monday, July 13

Another Woodpecker, plus Lark and Wren

I couldn't get great photos of this hairy woodpecker (ok, go ahead and snicker)... but I like this oops shot of it flying off...this and the following birds are all first-time encounters for me (well, that I know of)...

I was excited to see that this is the horned lark...the tips of the black crown stick up a bit to resemble horns..I think he's cute...

I didn't get a good shot of this little fellow but you can tell that it is a wren, I believe a house wren.

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  1. Hi Jann, love your site. Went back thru the older posts and enjoyed the birds, wildlife and native plants. You have quite a collection of photos on the side bar too.

    I like the woodpecker shot. "Action" photo;) I have a couple shots of a nuthatch with wings blurred that are favorites.