Tuesday, July 14

Black Henbane and a Black Swallowtail

Near the end of our long, bumpy, winding, sometimes mucky drive along the W side of the Hills, J. and I finally found the one plant we were hoping to see, the black henbane, which is from the potato family. As you can see, it's unique and pretty, but from the road hard to really see.

The sticky geranium is yet another wildflower doing extremely well this year vs. past recent years. They were all over SW of Cheyenne Crossing.

I spotted this black swallowtail in Bole Canyon Sun., in the W Hills area. A first sighting, I think.

I see bloggers that I follow are posting milkweed photos... there are five types that grow wild in the Black Hills. This is the showy milkweed, the largest one, found in Spearfish Canyon on Sat.

St. Johnswort is another wildflower doing real well this year. The only place I find it is in Spearfish Canyon.


  1. That Black swallowtail looks huge! Yesterdays horned lark is a real good find, well done!

  2. NICE shots!! Really like the St Johnswart photo!

  3. I love your photos of flowers...so serene.

  4. Thanks Warren, Aspen, and Deb! :o)