Monday, July 27

Wyoming Wildflowers

Ok, I can't go without sharing more of the wildflowers we saw in Yellowstone, and through the Big Horn Mts. I saw several more I didn't get a photo many wildflowers, so little time...

I saw this at an info station turn-out in the Big Horn Mts., E of Yellowstone, on our way to the park on the 20th. I'd never seen a red penstemon before and wondered if this was an escaped garden flower or was it wild? Turns out there are over 250 wild penstemons in N America! This one might be firecracker or Eaton's penstemon.

I think this is a duncecap larkspur. It looks similar to lupine from the road and it took me awhile to realize, hey, wait a minute, that isn't lupine...
I stumbled upon this white bog-orchid at a shaded pull-out area. In the Black Hills, we have a Northern bog orchid, but it's pale green.
I have yet to ID this flower, so if anyone knows or knows something similar, please let me know. It looks similar to the buckwheats (below).

The bracted lousewort was a flower I was hoping to see, like the Indian paintbrush.

This is American bistort, found here and there in YNP.

Lewis monkeyflower! The Black Hills has a yellow-colored monkeyflower. This flower wasn't real common.

The silky phacelia was abundant in the park. From the waterleaf family.

I believe this is Northern buckwheat. It was fairly common throughout the park.

It looks like this is sulfur-flower buckwheat; definitely a buckwheat anyway. This was the only one I saw, in the Big Horn Mts.

I knew right off this was a wild onion, but in SD we only have white ones. This is the shortstyle onion.


  1. Your photos are amazing. Truly! What equipment do you shoot with?
    Being a former Chicagoan, I hated the winters with a passion. Tell me, how are the winter in SD? I think it may be a place to visit.

  2. Some beautiful flowers there J'ellen

  3. Jann, those are great photos. I love seeing the western wildflowers. I had read once how many different penstemon there were and many of them are very attractive to hummingbirds.

  4. Deb, the winters here are the pits! Probably about the same as Chicago's. Our worst months are March and April, and lately May too. I consider any 'snow' month to be winter, and that means Oct. - May here. UGH!

  5. Yellowstone this year looks better than a flower shop. Wow!