Saturday, July 4

What's a brushfoot?

I got a better pic of the Weidemeyers Admiral on Wed. than I had shared in an earlier post where one had landed on my car. I like the shots on greenery vs on the ground.

I believe this is a (gorgone?) checkerspot, a brush-footed butterfly of the sub-family of true brushfoots. I didn't even know such a species/sub-species existed until a few days ago! So much to learn, so little time...I took this pic on my outing in the N Hills Wed.

This is what it looks like where I took the butterfly photos on Wed., while looking for bird photo ops.

Spreading dogbane (dogbane family) grows abundantly about the Black Hills, and has just begun blooming. I took this photo along the off-road trail a zip and a zing from my 'hood, where the hubs and I like to go 4-wheeling. This trip Thurs. was cut short by a looming, ominous thunderhead...we shot outta there like a fired canonball...kind of fun actually. We made it home well ahead of the storm.


  1. Your blog is fantastic!!! I'm definitly coming back here more often!!! Thank you for stopping by and visiting via Gravel Roads. The author of the Blog and I grew up in the same small town in central Cali. It's a very small world, I live near Rogue River.

  2. you have some great butterflies J'ellen, nice to see other peoples species for comparison

  3. I love your header photo as it is so crisp and colorful.