Saturday, July 18

Friday in Farmland

I took another drive out in farmland yesterday, and right off came across a (rough-legged?) hawk perched on a dead tree top, too far away for good shots, dang it. I stopped and watched a red-winged blackbird harrass the hawk until it finally flew off, followed by the still hot-headed rwbb.

There were several of these Wilson's phalaropes trekking around in the slimy muck on the apparently shallow, large pond yesterday. Eww.

I think I found a duck nursery yesterday. A small pond by the road in one area was quite busy with mama ducks and chicks; no males that I could see. I believe this is a blue-winged teal...she had 7 chicks in all. A mama coot and chicks were cruising around, too, besides other bw teal moms/chicks.

The arrowhead, a.k.a. duck potato, was on my to-find botany list. I found it in spades at all of the ponds I came across out in farmland. Not the best photo, but I was trying not to fall into the water.

There were common blue damselflies all over at the large pond. There was a real pretty black dragonfly with bright blue patches at the wing tips but I couldn't get a $#?!+@ photo...

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