Saturday, July 18

Off to Yellowstone Nat'l Park

Hubby and I were to leave Mon. for Yellowstone, about a 7-hour's drive away...we're leaving tomorrow instead, so stay tuned for photos from that trip, probably Thurs. See you then! (Unless, of course, we get eaten alive by a grizzly or moose or...)
Update: This photo was taken E of the Black Hills in what I call "farmland"...yes it would be great to know the history of this old, abandoned home that is sitting in a field of yellow sweetclover.


  1. Can't wait for those pics.... Have a safe trip....

  2. Hi Jann, I like the photo. Don't you wonder what the story is when you see a building like that? Looking forward to pictures from your trip.

  3. Hi J'Ellen Ive been having trouble trying to load your site. Hopefully it will sort itself out. I'll keep trying to visit though. have a nice trip. mind the bears!!

  4. Please don't pet the bears! By the way, it looks like your home may need a little work before you leave...