Tuesday, July 7

Calves, Coneflower, & a Colorful Woodpecker

My visit to Custer State Park today did not disappoint me, as usual. Right off I came upon these twin antelope calves near the side of the road! They stuck close together. They may be the two I saw during my last visit. I saw a few more antelope calves today, too. :o)

The prairie coneflower is in bloom...it is commonly yellow, only occasionally this deep red-purple color, so I was thrilled to see this one. Last year I only saw it a couple times and didn't get a good photo.

I literally skidded to a stop (just a tiny skid) when I saw this red-headed woodpecker near the side of the road, E of the park. I was amazed it didn't fly off right away! My first sighting; what a pretty bird.


  1. Wow , what a striking woody J'ellen, and a first, well done!

  2. that is an amazing woodpecker J'ellen

  3. That woodpecker is incredible! What a beauty!