Thursday, July 16

Monday's Bird Mania, Part 2

Holy hooters, it's a burrowing owl! I had to get home and zoom one of the photos to even tell what it was...yes, I know what an owl is, but at that distance, angle, poor lighting...just could not tell what it was. Definitely an exciting find. I saw a much bigger owl but didn't get a photo, ARG. I spooked it from a nearby tree, and it spooked me right back, then promptly flew away. I must work on that lift-point-shoot reaction time.

Even with a little more cooperation than they normally give, I had a hard time getting a good shot of a barn swallow. Several were sunning on the barb wire in one spot, but I kept a safe distance to get any pics...any closer and they flew further down the line.

Ok, finally I know what this little bird is...a grasshopper sparrow! I have a pic in my July 1st post (Caroline, you were right about it being a sparrow)...I see a lot of these, thought it was a young meadowlark LOL! Ok, I know, I'm terribly's that spot of yellow on their eyebrow that threw me...and the bits of yellow this fellow has makes it easier to ID as the grasshopper sparrow.

I'd been wanting a shot of a bird on a hay bale...finally this brown-headed cowbird obliged me.

I didn't just see birds...Would you look at the lashes on that brown calf?! Geesh. Ok, moo-ving along..I just love it when the calves give me that, "Whatcha doin?!" look. The older folks, however, do not look even slightly amused by my presence.
Ok, tomorrow will be Part 3! Yes, more from Mon...


  1. A burrowing owl is something I've never seen. They must be native to the western states. I had an owl drop down and fly in front of my car the other morning. Startled me too and of course didn't have a camera and couldn't have gotten at it while I drove.

    It's hard for me to get photos of the barn swallows. They are always backlit and I lose all the detail.

  2. Worth waiting for J'Ellen! Good owl pic.

  3. The burrowing owl reminds me of the Caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland" demanding "Whooo are Youuuu?
    Love it!

  4. Marnie, the burrowing owl isn't found east of SD/TX according to my Audubon Field Guide (it came yesterday!)

  5. Love owls, just love them..what a great shot for not knowing what it was at the time!! I hope you see it again..I would love to see a burrowing owl, someday!!

  6. the pic of the calves!! They are sooo inquisitive!!