Monday, July 6

Chickadee, Cliff Swallow, Junco, Yellowthroat

The first bird sighted Sun. was at a wayside stop not far into my friend's and my drive into the Hills. This black-capped chickadee was quite gracious in letting me snap pics, yay!

The cliff swallows build mud nests on the side of a rock cliff above a creek in a spot I know of. This was my third attempt for a photo there Sun. This was the first time I noticed their nests on the rock face; I watched a couple of them feeding their chicks but didn't get very good shots of that...too far away.

I watched this red-naped sapsucker, or is it a yellow-bellied? go from tree to tree gathering bugs, never far from its nest in a hole in this tree, where at least two very noisy, hungry chicks were cheeping nonstop. I saw a Northern flicker Sun. also but didn't get a photo.

A dark-eyed junco was out gathering bugs, fact, it was a very buggy day in bird-ville!

I'm pretty sure this is the female common yellowthroat...I saw her first, before the male below, in a clearing near a creek.

A male common yellowthroat! I think I stopped breathing when it landed on this dead branch nearby..this is the only pic I got before it flew off, arg. Dave at Birds From Behind, this shot's for you.


  1. I am amazed that you were able to capture these lovely winged creatures. Great job!

  2. Great shots! Love the colors in the photo of the chicadee!

  3. lovely photos and it is so interesting to see birds from you part of the world.