Friday, July 24

Yellowstone Nat'l Park 2

The only large wildlife we saw at the park were bison, and female elk with fawns. We found the elk Tues. morning as we headed back down from the N. gate, in Mammoth Hot Springs. These two fawns were lounging about w/ their mom(s). No way to tell if they were twins.

Canadian geese were everywhere...we came upon several Tues. a.m., at Twin Lakes, butt-up...presumably was a comical sight!

You didn't seriously think I'd leave out wildflowers?! I was sooo excited to see the scarlet-colored paintbrush at first, but it was everywhere in the park! There are several kinds, so I'm not sure this is actually Indian paintbrush. The wildflowers were amazing! Yellows, whites, blues, pinks, and the paintbrush red everywhere.

This is Roaring Mt., way cool! You can hear the steam escaping from's like the Mt. is "talking"...In the 1800's it was louder, could be heard 4 miles away! The photo doesn't do it justice, it was really spooky-awesome.

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