Friday, July 17

Monday's Bird Mania, Part 3

A red-winged blackbird on Western dock. Weird color-combo.

The eastern kingbirds were out and about Mon. in the area.

This is what it looks like at the smaller pond...lots of yellow sweetclover to pretty things up.

Isn't he coot? An American coot, that is. What a mug, eh? This was the first water fowl that I saw on Mon., on the large pond.

This barely-fledged fledgling was fly-flopping to the side of the road when I approached. I wonder if this is a meadowlark chick?! It was too big to be a sparrow...

I can only guess this is a Savannah sparrow, on dry yucca pods. Other sparrow candidates don't seem to match as well.

I came across some eggs at the shore of the smaller idea what they belong to.


  1. What a nice series of had such an eventful day..from eggs to a new fledgling!! Neat photo of the Savanna Sparrow! I don't usually see Yuccas plants, very different perch indeed! You have a nice way of writing to go along with your photos..;-) Do hope you have a good weekend. Another birdee trip maybe??

  2. That little fledgling does have a meadowlark-y look to him...

  3. I've noticed something similar with redwing blackbirds. I had one this spring with a huge splotch of red on each wing--really huge. He stood out from the others.

    Interesting pods the little sparrow is eating from.

  4. It has been such an amazing year with the abundance of sweet clover this summer!! So colorful!