Thursday, July 30

More Feathers, Flora, and Fur

The first time I passed the big puddle at the south end of the round-up corrals in Custer Park on Sun., this great blue heron was taking a dip. I got several photos before some bikers came along and scared it off w/ their rumbling V-twins. The 2nd time I went by the puddle, a male antelope was there.

Yesterday I posted a pic of a wood nymph on bee balm. The bee balm in that pic is lavender, its normal color, but on rare occasions it grows white. I know of a spot along the trail in the E Hills not far from our home where a couple clusters of white grow. I found just 3-4 white bee balm flowers on the road that leads from CSP into Wind Cave Nat'l Park, on Sun.

I saw my first sharp-tailed grouse Sun., got a couple ok pics and then it flew off. I saw more grouse, a hen with chicks, on Tues. E of the Hills.

I also came across a few of the bush morning- glory on that road from CSP into Wind Cave Park. I'd only found these in the SE foothills before. The flowers are about 3" wide, much larger than the more common, pesky creeping jenny.

..."That's a big 10-4 good buddy..." Yep, some of the antelope (and bison) have radio collars. Makes them seem pretty tame, but they're still wild animals. I have to keep telling myself that, too, cause the urge to pet the pretty animals is real strong. But even if I tried, they wouldn't let me. The antelope would simply sprint away...the bison would flatten me like a bison chip...or have me for a mid-day snack. Dang it all.


  1. The bush morning glories are interesting. An unusual color too. I'm surprised some hybridizer hadn't developed a cultivar of the white monarda to market.

    Kind of jarring to see that collar on the antelope but I suppose there is an excellent reason that will benefit the animals.

  2. Loved seeing the wildlife of your state...earlier this summer I had 2 small fawn run toward and circle me twice in our field... they often let me approach slowly for photos...but lately they do raise and stomp their little feet in a grownup like warning.

  3. I love your pictures and also Yellowstone Park. I live within a 70 minute drive to it and visit if often.
    Great blog.

  4. Teeming with wildlife would be a good description of your blog. Amazing photography, I don't think that I have ever seen such a collection of animals, birds, flowers and so much more.

    What kind of camera? What kind of lens, telephoto. Great shots, will be back to visit, and yes.....maybe I will bring some of that heat we are suffering through to share with you.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.


  5. Does it look as though the antelope has a collar on?