Wednesday, July 8

Fabulous Flowers: Harebell, Gentian, Cinquefoil

The harebell, a.k.a. bluebell, grows abundantly all over the BH' blue. My friend and I discovered a cluster of white harebells Sun.! They have a very slight tint of lavender but overall appear white. Too cool! I'm guessing the soil had something to do w/ this very rare occurance.

The green gentian is really cool-looking, and unique for sure. The flowers grow all along a tall, single stem that can reach 5' tall! Also called showy frasera, of the gentian family.

This is one of the many varieties of cinquefoil found in the Black Hills, from the rose family. I'm not sure which one it is but I think it's the sulfur cinquefoil due to the size of the petals.


  1. Beautiful flower photos! Really like that bluebell!

  2. I have harebells all over the yard, but I haven't ever seen white ones, how pretty is that!