Friday, July 3

Thistle Make Aphrodite Smile

While checking out that dirt road in the N Hills area Wed., past the livestock blockade...after I'd turned around and headed back for the main road I cruised past this dusty musk thistle and its pollen-pilfering visitor on the edge of the opposite side of the road. I stopped abruptly, flipped it into reverse and backtracked, seeing that the butterfly had flown away...but low and behold, once I stopped, it re-landed on the thistle and went back to gathering its booty. I'm pretty sure it's the Aphrodite Fritillary.


  1. It is a fritillary J'ellen. I don't know any names of US frits though. Great photo anyway!

  2. I chased one around the salvia in the yard yesterday, maybe if I had sat still it would have.
    Nice, nice photo!

  3. found your blog through your comments on Warrens,nice to see what nature beauty is around on the other side of the water.Beautiful shots and as I am new to all photography but have really just taken birds in my garden.However after seeing everyone's insects etc will have to rethink what I look for