Tuesday, July 28

How Now Brown Calf?!

I took a drive through the East half of Custer Park's wildlife loop Sun. It's summer, and that means tourist season...traffic wasn't bad at all on a Sun. morning...until I reached a large bison herd by the side of ~ and in ~ the road...there were few mature males, and they were all very vocal. The rest were females, some w/ calves...the bulls were checking out the cows so you know what that means...(yes, and also that the season is changing, UGH!)

This is what it looks like when tourists come upon a bison herd, or the wild burros at the park. I was trapped, and the bulls were restless...tourists don't get that bison will attack people or cars...

Aw look, the cute, wiry, red-haired calves are here too...

Hey, wait a minute! I totally forgot that calves don't stay red, duh! So it was a jolt to realize Sun. that most of the calves have turned brown! This calf is still red, but looks like it's outlined in brown!

This calf is all brown and has horn buds. The hair becomes smoother when it browns up.

This calf must've been an early arrival; it's got more horn growth than any others I saw in the herd Sun. And it has the thick 'do on its head.


  1. Stop and visit the bison and then go directly to the body shop to get those dents repaired;) We have a herd just down the road. They are living the life of domestic cattle rather than wild bison.

  2. We had a bull chase us down the road last summer right in front of the Norbeck Visitor Center. He came on the run down the slope, scared my visiting mother-in-law half to death. I was sure we'd be making a trip to our favorite body shop, but got out of his way. He sure looked like he meant business

  3. First time here and I can't wait to explore all of your blog so will follow...love your photos and music.

  4. still having problems with your site J'ellen. It takes ages to load, then freezes. :-( . Strange how your blog is the only one giving me trouble! I can still read you posts, but leaving comments takes 15 mins!

    PS I wouldn't go near one of those Bison Bulls!!!

  5. My dad got a "schooling lesson" from a Park Ranger at Yellowstone one year! He ticked off a Bison bull by taking his picture one too many times; and had to have a friend ride his snow machine between my dad and the bull! I told him one of these days "nature" and him are gonna collide and I don't think it'll be very pretty; he just loves to see nature a little too up close!