Sunday, July 26

One More Yellowstone Post

I took this shot on the way home Wed. morn, in the Big Horn Mts E. of Cody. Yes, yes, that white stuff is you-know-what.

I've never seen a pink agoseris before...I did a double take! Looks alot like a mt. dandelion (aka pale agoseris). I only saw this one!

We saw a few sandhill cranes in the park, incl. this one silhouetted in the morning light.

Tues. morn when we stopped to enjoy the view and the fresh, crisp air, we found this fellow nibbling on breakfast.

They don't make thistles like this in So. Dakota! These Everts thistles were all over the park, and covered all over by beetles that like them, so impossible to get a bug-free shot. They have multiple heads, and can grow 2 ft.

This is a different elk fawn than in my previous post, seen near the others that we saw at Mammoth Hot Springs.
I was really hoping to find elephanthead (figwort family)... take a closer look at a single flower and you can see why it's called that... and was surprised to find it right away, in the Big Horn Mts. actually before reaching YNP. As you can see in the background, it was among the 1st Indian paintbrush I saw, too! We made a random stop to get out and stretch, and it happened to be near a small creek where these were growing.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing your photos from your Yellowstone trip!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time...Love the pic of the fawn...

  3. more lovely photos thanks for sharing.That mountain looks beautiful.I am not a lover of flat lands.

  4. Love the sandhill crane and elk photos. Your posts are so interesting because you mix the wildlife and the flora together. I can clearly see why the plant is called elephant hear;)

  5. My husband and I traveled 2 years in our RV. It was the best time ever. We missed Yellowstone. The closest we got was due west of Yellowstone was Cheyenne. Oh well, keep posting your wonderful photos.