Wednesday, July 29

A Bunny, A Bluebird, and A Butterfly on Bee balm

The first photo op I came upon during my drive along part of Custer Park's wildlife loop on Sun., was this cottontail nibbling in the morning sunlight. They like to visit the grass in our yards, too.

I've had a hard time getting a good photo of a female Mt. bluebird, but this one posed very nicely for me on Sun. in the park. I thanked her, too.

Well, I've done research and I think this is a wood nymph, of the brush-footed butterfly family. I know that it's on bee balm, a.k.a. wild bergamot, from the mint family. The mints are one of my favorite wildflower families, and they all mainly grow from July to Aug. or Sept.


  1. Quite impressive there, Jann!

  2. Nice photos, Jann. You managed to get all three to pose for you.

    Isn't it amazing how well the cottontails have adapted to rural and urban life. We even have them here at our shop living in the evergreen hedges on a postage stamp size piece of grass.

  3. I love the pics,and the music that plays is perfect while I read your blog...awesome..

  4. I envy your bluebird photo...ours are Eastern Blebirds in our nest boxes in the field...I have a few photos, but not as fine as yours!

  5. lovely photos J'ellen especially the blue bird

  6. That bunny picture is the sweetest thing I've seen all day!