Thursday, July 9

Shrooms, Tortoiseshell, Diamond Dew

All the moisture we had in June has encouraged the 'shrooms to grow...I have an ID book for them but 9 out of 10 times it seems impossible, so I gave up trying. I'd never seen peach-colored ones before, or this shape. Near Nemo.

Looks like this is a Milbert tortoiseshell butterfly, found in the same place I got pics of the Admiral and checkerspot, on a different day. Trying to snap and identify butterflies and moths opens up a whole new can of...catepillars, by the way...

Sun. my friend and I discovered a zillion "dia-monds" in a small park beside a creek...the area was heavily dew-kissed, and the droplets just sparkled brilliantly in the morning sun. See the blue "diamonds" in the background?!


  1. Don't you just love the way the dew adds such beauty in the early morning sun!

  2. Nice photo's J'ellen, I did some more butterfly photography today. :-)