Friday, August 28

Bison Business

I barely entered Custer St. Park yesterday when I came upon a large herd of mostly females and calves...on the road and beside it, in a roadside park...and at the NE entrance to the wildlife loop...
A picnic table makes a really good scratching post...

This was the first time I had an official greeter at the corner of the wildlife loop turn!

A bull decided it was time to take a dust powder for the ladies...

This image of mamma and calf was over-exposed so I tweaked the tone curve...

The red calf on the right was running at full speed ahead... something I'd never seen before. I mean, he was flyyyyying...the darker calf was loping after red.


  1. Great pictures of Buffalo! You are brave to get that close to them. They unpredictable and dangerous. But however you survived you captured the essence Buffalo in the Black Hills! I assume these were with the 300MM lens.

  2. Magnificent creatures J'Ellen. How are the bison doing overall ? There were once great herds of them, are they now protected?

  3. I love the one where the bison is standing under the street sign!!!

  4. Wouldn't it have been a sight to see the herds go on and on as far as the eye could see?

    Love the two youngsters playing;)

  5. It is sure fun to watch the young buffalo calves play. Great pictures that tell stories.

  6. I love the Bison..When I think of them I think of the Indians from long really have a way with your got some good shots...take care...

  7. You get such unique photos Jann...A buffalo by a picnic really emphasizes just how large buffalo are!