Tuesday, August 18

Go Into the Light...or Not!

The view of Sheridan Lake from Dakota Point...right before a downpour. Aug. 15th.

A white pelican coming in for a landing at Bear Butte Lake. Would ya look at the beak on that guy! Aug. 12th.

What happened to the rest of 'em?!

I didn't realize I'd captured a 'floating' feather at the time...it's actually caught in a spider's web. Is this a female red-winged blackbird, or a starling, or...? My ID'ing is more spotty than the bird...


  1. What a great shot;) At first I thought Redwinged Blackbird but that short tail makes me think starling. It's hard to see the the shape of the beak.

  2. Great photos. My guess is that the bird is a startling because of the coloration and the tail. With the pelican, "Its bill can hold more than its belly-can."

  3. Thats some great scenery there J'Ellen. Like the Pelican too!

  4. Jann, another shot of perfection....The header picture of the "View from the trail" is breathtaking......

  5. how did you capture that amazing feather in mid air?

  6. Wow! These are some great photos...love the one of the feather caught in the web...if you hadn't told about the web I would have thought all of us viewing the feather, including the bird, was watching it float by...you tricked us!!

    Pelican are pretty cool birds and I could watch them for hours when they are flying or fishing..really neat capture of that one flying so close to the water...