Tuesday, August 11

I'm Having a Flashback

Not long ago, some bloggers were posting photos of the gray catbird. I was jealous; what a sharp-looking bird, I'd love to see one! Well then I started remembering 'that gray bird' I'd shot a bit ago, 7-1 it turns out, and I finally went back and double-checked. Hey, it IS a catbird! Yippee! Too bad it was too far to get a clear shot, but at least I did see one.

This pretty flower was growing in one spot in the W. Black Hills on 7-11. I had a great photo-op day that day. It appears to be from the legume family; reminds me of tickclover. I know wildflowers, not the garden varieties. If you know what it is, or something similar, do tell!

Well, I really want this to be a Northern rough-winged swallow. But, looking at the time stamp on this and one of an adult tree swallow, they were taken one min. apart. So in all likelihood, this is a tree swallow fledge. He's cute 'n all, but I'd like a pic of the nrw swallow, thank you very much. It's a pain that they have the same coloring.


  1. It is a cute little swallow. We have lots of barn swallows but they never sit still.

    I had a catbird nesting in the yard two years ago. One of the most entertaining birds I've met. He sat right outside the window in the late afternoon and watched me thru the window.

  2. Well done with your catbird J'Ellen.
    All these look-alike birds are just sent to excercise our brains!

  3. Kudos on that cat bird..They are a dime a dozen around here..but you caught a good pic of him!
    That little swallow is adorable..he looks like he isn't too sure of life yet!!
    Neat pics!!