Wednesday, August 19

Scenic and the Badlands

This brahma calf and its mama were in a pen in the tiny, rustic town of Scenic, SD, not far W. of the Badlands area. It's not every day you see Brahmas in this area, but ya do see Longhorns!

I'm pretty sure this is a nighthawk. I saw two of them on this fence rail in Scenic yesterday. They had their backs to me and I took photos from the road, from the car window. I could tell they were a new sighting for me and I didn't want to scare them off. As the bird guide points out, they were perched parallel to the rail, not facing outward as most birds do.

The town of Scenic, SD is along Hwy. 44, which runs S. of I-90. The Longhorn Saloon is just a popular photo op now. The town's population in 2000 was 87.

This is part of the panoramic view from the top of Sheep Mt. in the Southern section of the Badlands, just 60 miles E of the Eastern Black Hills area. Most visitors don't see this area. The popular loop drive is in the Northern area off of I-90.

Speaking of...driving through the N. Badlands, it looks like this on either side of the road in some areas.


  1. I love visiting your these are scenes I never see...and they look like they should be in western the little bull and why were the owls facing away from the road? That saloon is a hoot and I can see why it would be a photo op!! Love the skull Georgia O'Keeffee!!
    Neat post..

  2. Jann,
    We seem to be traveling the same route again!
    That 1880 Town was a movie set that has been added to over time. It is at exit 170, about 20 miles or so from Murdo.

  3. Jann,another great post,and I also think these look like a western scene..I love your blog..

  4. Hard to imagine the early settlers crossing this land on horses on in wagons. They were a much hardier people than we are today;)

    The little nighthawks are kind of strange little birds, we don't see many in this area.

  5. must be amazing to have such awesome scenery on your doorstep

  6. I agree with everyone else...I can't imagine what winter would be like for you(we go crazy if we get snow flakes). But the breathtaking beauty around you is enviable...

  7. I agree with all the previous commenters...Your blog is exceptional...your scenic area is what movies are made of...only you make it seem more real. So enjoy it here.

  8. Thanks everyone! We do have a lot of unique scenery here in the Black Hills area, and I enjoy it so much. When we moved here from Oregon five years ago, I came with NO expectations whatsoever, with an open mind despite all the negative input from friends. I suppose the long winters make me that much more enthusiastic about all that spring/summer/fall have to offer, as short as they all are! ;o)