Sunday, August 16

Sylvan Lake

Ok, I need a wildflower fix...they are, after all, my first photographer's 'love'...

The Richardson's geranium blooms June to July, but there it was yesterday, on the north side of Sylvan Lake. There were just a few late bloomers.

If these rocks look minutely familiar, and you've never visited the Black Hills area, then maybe you've seen the movie, "National Treasure II" starring Nicholas Cage. At the end of the movie, he and his sidekicks supposedly find a hidden sort of 'treasure tomb' while climbing on these rocks. Yea, right.

The fairybell wildflower blooms May to June. It's a small, bell-shaped white flower, from the lily family. The fruit replaces the flower, July to Aug. As you can see, it has a lumpy shape. It can be found each year on the north side of Sylvan Lake.


  1. Richardson's geraniums are blooming all over in the mountains here. Mostly in the small bogs where streams pop out of the ground in the Targhee National Forest.
    Great pictures.

  2. I never had a desire to see the Black Hills until I found your post....As always Jann, beautiful photos

  3. I also didn't know much about the Black Hills until I found you,I look forward to every post..

  4. We have similar wild geraniums...but the fairybell is new to me...I have just recently discovered a small pink flower and another large plant on the property that I have yet to identify...our joe-pyeweed is close to blooming too.

  5. Sylvan Lake, a very pretty name but a very rugged looking lake. The fairybell is lovely. Being a lily, I don't suppose we would want to eat it?