Sunday, August 9

Houses at Home

The house sparrows and house finches are the most common birds we get at our backyard feeders. I took these photos in July and Aug., through the glass. This is the female house finch.

I always enjoy seeing the male house finches with their bright red coloring. They've been back at the feeder lately.

early July, the female house sparrows were at the feeder often, some with their chicks in tow. I've read that some bird bloggers take their feeders down if they see mama birds feeding the seeds to their chicks. I understand why, but I can't bring myself to take the food away. It was the first time I'd seen chicks being fed, too.

The male house sparrows have been coming to the feeder lately, too.

Earlier this week, I spotted cedar waxwings in our back yard trees. This was a first, and pretty exciting. I haven't seen any since. I seem to have a knack for capturing birds just after lift off.


  1. Like the Waxwing J'Ellen! You keep feeding those sparrows too. :-)

  2. wow what a beautiful finch,sparrows are exactly like ours J'ellen

  3. Love the special photo of the Cedar Waxwing...

  4. J'Ellen,

    I love pictures of birds in flight. And I love both the Cedar and Bohemian Waxwings. They are some of my favorite birds. I also loved your blog on Sturgus. Sounds like one heck of a party.

  5. I have house sparrows here to because of the barns. There isn't any point in taking down the feeders and depriving the other birds because the sparrows aren't going anywhere, even if the other birds leave. Not seeing as many house finches as in the past. Not sure why.