Sunday, August 30

Skippers, but no MaryAnn. Just ID'itis

My friend J. and I had a lovely outing today, saw a lot of pretty things, ate some good Mexican food...but I wanted to finish sharing pics from my trip to Custer Park on Thurs...
I saw many butterflies and bugs Thurs. Now this skipper I could ID...a common checkered skipper. I think they're quite pretty for being 'common'.

Another skipper. Don't make me ID it...there are a zillion skippers residing in this area. Sigh. (Ok, maybe a pahaska skipper...?) And naturally most of them are not easy to distinguish from the others like the white one. But hey, this skipper is definitely drinking from a dotted gayfeather wildflower. I'm not ID'ing those two bugs below the skipper, either. Pfffft.

A hawk soaring hawk? I saw three hawks that day. Hawks are gorgeous, but I still hate ID'ing them!
Update: I've been told this is a Swainson's hawk. Thanks, L.!

Wild turkeys are common in the Black Hills. This female had at least three chicks with her, hidden from view, in the tall grass.

This hawk looks like a ferruginous hawk that's in the light phase. Gaaaack! I hate ID'ing hawks and butterflies!
Update: This is a Swainson's hawk also. Thanks again, L.!

Another skipper I haven't tried to ID due to the enormity of the task...well, ok, could be a tawny-edged. There, I threw a name out there.


  1. Look at the feathers on that hawk! So well defined. Nice work!

  2. Beautiful pictures of birds and skippers. I believe skippers and hawks are sometimes the most difficult things to identify. There are just too many color phases of both of them.

  3. A wonderful series of skippers and hawks. You caught such a great shot of that hawk..with such wonderful light!

  4. I always admire your photos Jann...from the large soaring Hawk to the dainty straw sipping moth...very nice...Wish I could capture a hawk that way!

  5. LOL, you won't get any help from me in identifying the skippers, or hawks either for that matter. We have red tails and kestrels common here and a few bald eagles (all of which are easy). The others...doesn't matter, I enjoy seeing them.

  6. nice hawk shot ! Looks like you need to invest in a Butterfly book Jann!

  7. Great shot of the hawk, but love the skippers! I'm getting ready to post a moth for Two Fer Tuesday, but have no idea what kind. I lived in the city way too many years!