Saturday, August 1

Blurry Birds Happen

For every nice, clear shot of our feathered friends, I get at least double the shots that are not. This is the plight of a bird-brain I'm afraid. I hate sharing the fuzzy fotos but unfocused fowl need love too...

A lone pied-billed grebe was floating on the smaller part of the large pond, E of the Hills on Tues. The pond is cut in two by the road, so there's really two separate ponds. FYI.

I can't tell what this is... prairie falcon? It was too far away to get a decent with all of the birds of prey I encounter. Well except that one gi-normous hawk I saw a few weeks ago close to the road..which, of course, flew off as soon as I stopped for a shot. Some day...

This red-tailed hawk was surveying the grassy landscape from the top of a powerline pole on Tues.

I saw this (red-tailed?) hawk land on a hay bale and watched it awhile, then realized it had a prey in its grasp, which it pecked at half-heartedly. When I tried to get closer for a clearer shot, it flew off. I still had no idea what was for lunch until I got home and zoomed the pics...

Oh, ewww! A snake!


  1. Years ago when we first moved to our home I saw a hawk flying off with a snake across our field.

  2. Blurry shots!!! You are not the only one with blurry shots of birds--- and other things. I took 400 shots yesterday and deleted two-thirds of them because something was wrong. I have been taking pictures of two osprey nests and each has brought snakes to the nest for food. Great post.

  3. Bill, I've visited your blog, and have left comments on several posts; well, well done! I've driven through Rexburg, a few years ago on my way to CA. I hear you on deleting more photos than you keep in one outing! I saw the osprey photos, very nice!