Saturday, August 29

Pronghorn Antelopes

I never tire of seeing the antelope at Custer Park any more than I do the bison...esp. the gorgeous adult males...
What a guy...seemed to be keeping an eye on the females, along the wildlife loop...

Mamma antelope and her twins were nearby...these two pics were taken 3 min. apart yesterday. I'm pretty sure I've seen this trio before but who knows how many sets of twins there are.


  1. great makings on those beasts! They blend in really well with their surroundings.

  2. I was visiting in Colorado once and saw a large group of small antelope springing across a rocky field...they were beautiful. Again, I love your photos!

  3. That's a very respectable buck! Good to see the twins!

  4. I saw several this morning on the way to Henrys Lake to fish. They are very beautiful and graceful.