Sunday, August 23

Kool Deadwood Nites

The Kool Deadwood Nites weekend is an annual event that includes a classic car show. It also includes nightly performers...Fri. night it was Davey Jones...Oh the memories of my oldest sis's crush on Davey, and watching The Monkees TV show...The hubz and I cruised on up to Deadwood yesterday to check the cars out...

I've been a fan of classic Camaros since I was about twelve. My first car was a '70 Camaro, by chance...we'll leave 'that' story alone...

Al Capone gets in touch with his feminine side..?

The cars aren't the only interesting things you see at a gathering like this... the gentleman wearing this tee had solid white hair...

Did anyone see the ZZ Top dudes strolling around ?

The plate on this Mustang says "PURRPLE". Fitting. Being a Camaro gal, I didn't really want to put this photo in. But I'm trying to be fair.

By the way, for only a buck, you can ride a trolley around Deadwood. It's not a true trolley, it's a bus that looks like one. When the hubz took a wrong turn, we found out where the trolleys are garaged, cleaned, and gassed up. I took this shot as we were leaving. Next stop was KFC to finally cash in our freebie "Oprah" meal coupons...


  1. Did you stay for the music? I heard an interview with Davy Jones on the radio this week, he was talking about coming to perform in Deadwood. And about his 3 grandchildren. Would those be GrandMonkees?

  2. I liked Davey, but was in love with Mickey Dolenz. I would have enjoyed the concert anyway. Love, love, love the old cars. I'm a Chevy girl (well, more of an old (er) lady), so understand the Mustang issue. Might I add, I'm glad all we saw of the 'naked' man was his t-shirt! Looks like fun.

  3. Oh the memories of a 1969 Camaro, that still fill my mind.....Definitely not anything I can post......

  4. "the gentleman wearing this tee had solid white hair..."

    And rosy cheeks, right? LOL

    So much romance and adventure in the name Deadwood. Would love to visit it someday.