Thursday, August 27

Red Crossbill

I took another drive around Custer State Park today, on and around the wildlife loop. Need I say, I was pretty excited to discover this male red crossbill flitting around in the trees close to where I'd parked and got out to look around. Another one of those maiden voyages up a dirt road off the beaten path. I saw a lot today, old and new; more photos to come.

I'm guessing this is a juvie red crossbill since the adult female looks nothing like this...she's solid yellow to olive-gray. This fledgie was with the adult male.


  1. It's so hard for me to tell what some young birds are...when there are no distinctive markings yet...

  2. What a unique beak. This is a bird I've never seen in person. I would be very excited to see one too. I'll have to check my book and see if they spend any time in my area.

    What a gnarly old limb he is sitting on;)