Wednesday, August 12

Butterflies and a Virgin

Not that kind of virgin! All these photos were taken July 31st, by a road that runs along Elk Creek in the E. foothills area. It was a busy day in the life of a butterfly...

Painted lady butterflies can be found all over South Dakota. This is the first, and so far the last one I've seen this year.

These two coral hairstreaks are clinging to pale pink plains milkweed, which is supposed to be white. I suspect this may be an escaped garden variety of the milkweed.

The Western virgin's bower blossoms were growing near a house, along a fence. It's a climbing vine, from the buttercup family. And this gal has got the coolest fruit stage that begins in late Aug. I can't wait to see it, and share it. But seeing it is bittersweet, cause it's one of the very last wildflowers of the season.

When I first took a shot of this cluster of cutleaf coneflowers across Elk Creek, I didn't realize there was a butterfly on one of them. I think it's a roadside skipper.

Update: A reader has let me know that this is a silver-spotted skipper. My butterfly field book arrived yesterday; I agree!

The cabbage white butterflies were out in full force that day. This pic was taken along Elk Creek.


  1. I always enjoy coming over to visit because I never know what new headder you will plop up there!
    For the first time ever, I have my sound on. I love this music!
    Thanks for the break from reality with your wonderful site!

  2. Loved seeing your butterflies. The hairstreak is beautiful if a little more subtle than the painted lady. I like the cabbage whites too. On a sunny day (most years) my agastaches have clouds of these hovering and flitting.

    Love your new header. They don't make bridges like that anymore;)

  3. Those Coral Hairstreaks look beautiful, nice find J'Ellen

  4. Jann...I only know one other blog that changes their header often...It works very well here on yours...I may even try it once in awhile. I enjoyed the butterflies.

  5. The title of this post almost made me laugh. We have some friends whose last name is Virgin. Recently one of the daughters was in a line at the store with her three kids and another person in the line said, "Aren't you a Virgin?" "Yes," she replied. You could hear giggles in the line.

    Thanks for the post - creates thoughts and smiles.