Tuesday, August 4

Painted Desert

Hello, my name is Painted Desert, and I'm very flattered that you visitors to J'ellen's blog are interested in me! I'm a mustang stallion, and I live near the Cheyenne River, close to my owners, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, in their 'stallion' area. Painted Lady, one of the original wild mares to be brought to the Sanctuary, was my mother. Me and some of the other mustang stallions are taking a rest from the Sanctuary here this summer. The folks at the Sanctuary think that I am gentle, kind, and have a great disposition, and they all seem to love me and my foals. Some of my foals from last year are at the Sanctuary waiting to go to their new homes. Thanks for asking about me!


  1. No problem...you are quite a gorgeous creature..and I would have chosen you as my headliner pic also..;-)

  2. Your header looks great, Jann. Unique and well photographed.

    A lot of muscle on him, he certainly doesn't look like a mustang. Has to have some quarter horse ancestors in his background. Really nice color and pattern.

    The sanctuary does a great job of choosing names for the horses;)

  3. Hi! I have filly by Painted Desert. She looks just like him. Great personality. I wonder if I can purchase a photo of him from you.