Saturday, August 15

More Water Fowl From Wed.

These two female wigeons were found on the E side of Bear Butte Lake on Wed.

The first thing I saw on the lake was this gaggle of greater white-fronted geese. They are fall migrants to this area.

As usual, a killdeer I spotted was zig-zagging around trying to avoid the camera.

There were several white pelicans and cormorants hanging out together at the S end of the lake. I didn't get too close but they still spooked and several flew away to the center of the lake. Sorry about that guys.


  1. just love the killdeer a new bird to me.Sheila

  2. Great shot of the Kildeer! It looks kid of sad though

  3. Jann, I drove from RC to Sioux Falls yesterday, took SD rte 38 out of Mitchell as I got bored with Interstate. Few shorebirds, but I found one marsh/slough with 18 beautiful white great egrets! Also saw white pelicans east of Wall and near Chamberlain.

  4. You took some wonderful photos...the ducks are perfectly spaced...and the Killdeer does look look sad in his formal attire!