Monday, September 7

Bighorn Sheep and a Mouse

Sat. Jayne and I took a walk partway up a trail in Silver City that runs along Rapid Creek. We'd discovered the trail this past winter but there was too much snow at the time to check it out.

We saw that some female bighorn sheep have begun grazing in a favored spot, on the lawns between two houses on Hwy. 44, in the NE Black Hills. That edge of the grassline drops into a gulch behind the houses. I'll be checking back to see the ram(s) that will eventually appear with the ewes. Ewe can count on it!

Can you see Mickey Mouse? I didn't realize he was there at the time I took a photo of the interesting spots on this fallen aspen branch. This was along the trail at Legion Lake in Custer Park last Wed.


  1. I see Mickey very clearly Jann...Rapid Creek looks very inviting...and like you were standing in the middle of it!

  2. Wonderful pic's Jann....And yep, I see Mickey...

  3. It took me a while but I finally found Micky. How amazing to have big horns eating in your back yard.