Saturday, September 19

My Hometown Area I

Now here's a real redwood tree...that's my girl standing in front of Founder's Tree in the Redwood Nat'l Forest about 45 mi. south of my hometown...

This is looking straight up Founder's tree, standing right in front of it...

...The info regarding Founder's Tree... now you see why I called the redwoods in yesterday's post 'small'...

...My daughter walking along Trinidad Beach, not far N. of my hometown, Eureka.

When the tide is low, you can walk around to this hole in a rock at Trinidad Beach. But someone forgot to check the tide book.


  1. Great pics of the Redwoods and the beach...nice to see the area where you grew up!!

  2. thats one awesome tree Jann. Look at the power in it!

  3. I simply love large straight up trees...they make mine look tiny...The outcropping with the
    opening is very scenic.

  4. Hi Jann

    My what a tree...I wonder how many people have embraced it's girth...well some of it's girth...

    Happy days