Wednesday, September 16

Malheur Wildlife Refuge

After almost a week without Internet access, I'm baaaack! I'm currently in N Calif. at my folks', getting beach therapy and enjoying seeing family incl. my daughter, who also came out this way to visit....anyway, the following photos were taken Sept. 11th in E Oregon at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge S. of was the wrong time of year; spring is supposed to be better to see birds but I saw a few things...

This female broad-tailed hummingbird very briefly visited a feeder by the deck at the refuge headquarters. I only got this one shot.

Swainson's hawk..? Have I mentioned I hate ID'ing hawks...I thought the red-tailed hawk has yellow eyes but now I've seen photos of it with both dark and yellow (maybe dark is immature..?)...Arg...this hawk has the feather nickers too...

This juvenile pied-billed grebe was floating with the current in a narrow channel that the road I was on followed.

I came upon this coyote out in a field, too far to get a decent shot but he was fun to watch, as he eyed something moving about in the tall grass.

There were a lot of black-billed magpies in the refuge area, hard as usual to get a photo of but I managed a couple.


  1. It's nice to know the Swainson's hawk has a dark eye and the red-tailed hawk's eye is yellow...not that I ever get photos that close up...but we do have both here...and coyotes too, but I have never seen one.

  2. Great pictures. Swainson's hawks are here during the summer and the Red-tails are year around residents. Glad you are back.

  3. I really love the Peace rose in your header. They are my favorites.