Thursday, September 17

Eagle Point, Oregon

I stayed the past weekend with a friend in Eagle Point, where we lived from '88 until '04. Our daughter was 7 mo's when we moved to S. Oregon from San Diego, and she was 16 when we moved to S's some points of interest in the town...

The old Wood house, built in 1870 by Martin Sylvester Wood, is the most painted scene in the area by local artists. The older folks in the area can recall a time when the house was occupied.

This is the view of Mt. McLaughlin, a small volcano, from the Wood house. Oregon has a lot of volcanos; I never could find out whether this one is still active.

This 1922 covered bridge was moved from Antelope Creek (elsewhere in the area) to Butte Creek in Eagle Point. The bldg. behind it is the elementary school, which my daughter attended. Our first home (rental) in Oregon is two short blocks from this bridge.

The Butte Creek Mill was est. in 1872; it's a flour mill that is still running, now with modern wheat-grinding machinery. The mill is just a block from the covered bridge.

This is the back side of the flour mill from the other side of the creek, where there's a small park. I used to walk my daughter over here in a stroller.

A great blue heron was in Butte Creek near the flour mill while I was taking the mill photo.


  1. that house really looks full of old intriguing stories!

  2. It looks like a great small town with a lot of character. I will have to visit it sometime. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. What a beautiful town to have lived in....And if this wonderful old house could only talk, what amazing stories it could tell through the years...I'm sure it was hard to leave this beautiful place...

  4. You lived in a beautiful area then too Jann...I love the old wooden house...don't you wish it would be preserved for a park or would be a shame to let it slowly deteriorate to the point of falling has too much character to have that happen.

  5. Very nice pics of Oregon a very beautiful state..we have visited several times when our daughter was going to grad school in Portland.

  6. I have missed your DAILY post Jann..I look everyday to see where you the old house,and yes you did live in a beautiful place..hope you have a wonderful time..and thanks for sharing your trip with us..look forward to next time..

  7. Eagle Point is beautiful! What a lovely area! LOVE the old house!! Great photo possibilities!!
    It is warm here this week, feels like summer again!!

  8. Wonderfully scenic area. I can see why the old house is loved by artists. Mysterious and picturesque. I lived in south western Oregon for several years back in the 70's.