Tuesday, September 22

Roosevelt Elk

Mom and I hit the road this morning, and it didn't take long for nature to make our day. About 40 miles north of my hometown, in the Redwood Nat'l Forest near Orick, CA, there are protected Roosevelt elk roaming around. I had been real disappointed not to see any on my way to my hometown on the 14th. Upon leaving today, however, we saw this bull elk chase a smaller bull elk away from his harem. Then he threw back his head and bugled his victory. The gals were bedded down low in the tall grass in the heavy fog bank.


  1. A true Humboldt send-off. L.G.G.

  2. What a specimen Jann -

    you captured him in full glory

    is that the fog around him or have you textured the photo?

    Happy days

  3. Great photo of a royal animal.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Very neat picture! The "plain titmouse that you photographed in your last post is actually a Black Phoebe.