Monday, September 21

Perching Birds in No Cal

You didn't think I'd go without taking photos of perching birds, now did you? I'm doing tomorrow's post tonight since I'm heading back towards home in the morning...
An imm. starling by Humboldt Bay, in Fields Landing (just south of my hometown)...

A house sparrow near Humboldt Bay, at Fields Landing...

A white-crowned sparrow at the Humboldt Bay NWR...

A female Cassin's finch in wild blackberry briars at the refuge...this photo came out just like this w/o any touching up, I think it's kinda cool...

A scrawny mule deer doe at the refuge...

A song sparrow, also at HBNWF...

...An immature red-shouldered hawk?...definitely smaller than a red-tailed hawk...near the HBNWR.

A cedar waxwing at the Arcata those in S Dakota...

A cute little tree froggie perched on a shrub branch at the Arcata Bottoms...

A plain titmouse on the edge of a marsh in Arcata, CA. (Correction: this is a black phoebe; thanks Tucker for pointing that out!)

We saw a few hummingbirds, hard to get any photos of...this was the best I could do. Looks like a female rufous hummer. Arcata Bottoms.


  1. Hi Jann

    I have enjoyed your birds from the Calif coastline. I liked to see the differences between the species we have in common, in particular the cormorant and the pelican...your photos are very good, thank you Jann

    Happy days

  2. what a brilliant post of photographs.You have some lovely birds that are different to what we have in the UK

  3. Beautiful pictures of birds I love. Your pictures are always beautiful and reflect the lives of the subjects.


  4. I had to smile at the starling photo. He looks like he's wearing someone else's wings.

    The song sparrows are my favorites. Love to listen to them in the early spring.

    Those are great photos.

  5. A neat post with some nice birds! I love the Cassin's Finch in preflight! I agree that is a neat capture..esp with those raspberries!! Your tree frog is adorable and how I wish I could capture one of those waxwings from its front..and get all those neat yellow colors!!

  6. What a delightful array of photos! Great work!

  7. The Cassin's Finch you photographed looks like a Song Sparrow to me. As with the hummingbird, it appears to be a female Anna's Hummingbird. The hawk does indeed appears to be a Red-shouldered.