Wednesday, September 9

Wyoming & Montana

Greetings from Missoula, Montana...I've seen a lot of gorgeous scenery in Montana today, as usual (good to see it's still here), but mostly I can't stop anywhere to take photos naturally so here's a couple pics in Wyoming...saw hawks today, two magpies on fence posts, plenty of deer and antelope playing...beautiful rivers like Yellowstone River...which I-90 crosses over at least 3 times, following it for miles and photos were taken at 75 mph...I don't travel at night but made it 700 miles.

This is part of Powder River Coal Co., of the 2nd largest coal-producing coal mine in the US. It's located in Gillette, Wyoming. Out here you see trains pulling coal cars, I've counted over 100 cars in one train... There are four surface mines there. Here's a link about the mining co.... If you visit the site you have to use the back arrow to come back to my blog...I haven't yet tried to figure out how to make the link open in a new has to wait til I get back home...

Mountains! Yes! Ok, the Black Hills are gorgeous, but they're hills...I lived in a valley surrounded by Mts. for 16 yrs in So. Oregon, Mt's that are snow-capped almost year-round...always nice to see Mts again. This is the E edge of the Big Horn Mts., seen between Gillette and Buffalo, Wyoming.


  1. Mountains - there is something about mountains that calls us to explore them. I grew up in the shadows of the Tetons and continue to visit them. Great post.

  2. I think the mountains are beautiful too but I grew up on the flat plains of Illinois and oddly the mountains feel confining.

    Another lovely header. Wish I could manage a trip this fall.

  3. Stunning mountain scenery Jann. Enjoy yourself

  4. I have never been to's beautiful country...but so is your Black Hills.