Friday, September 18

Reaching Northern Calif. Coast

Just before reaching the N Calif. coastline, there's a redwood forest to drive through. This is my daughter in front of a cluster of small trees, and I do mean small for a redwood. Missy (her nickname) met up with me in Oregon and followed me to her grandparents' house Mon. She left yesterday and will be back in Texas today. This redwood forest is about 85 mi. north of my hometown.

The beach at Crescent City, hooray! Heading SW from Oregon on Hwy 199, it takes 2.5 hrs to reach this beach at the coast. Of course I always stop for beach therapy! Missy loves the beach therapy too.

South of Crescent City is a tourist trap called Trees of whole childhood we never got to stop here when passing by, *sigh* now I always stop! That's Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox, of course...Paul winks and waves. Don't ask me what the 'mystery' is, I don' t know! You pay to find out and geez, they're just trees. I just like looking at the gift shop here.


  1. Hello Jann, I'm Delwyn

    I have popped over from Wanda's and found the wildlife and flora on your blog interesting and educational...It is all so different for me being down in Qld Au.

    I look forward to reading more of your pages and getting to know you,

    Happy days

  2. Hi Jann...I see Delwyn visited...I think you would like her blog as well Jann...

    I love tall straight trees...I would be speechless to see redwoods in person...even the small ones your daughter is posing by.

    I noticed the large tree trunks used as posts for the low rail fence!

  3. your header is absolutley beautiful. I also like the new template...guess since you are in wine country, your blog must take on a new look!!!

  4. Hi Jann,

    I grew up in Central Calif but immediately recognized these shots of Eureka from family road trips to the area. I now live in Colorado.

    Your animal shots are very nice indeed.