Wednesday, September 2

Fruit, Flower, and a Friend

I'd mentioned Western virgin's bower in a previous post, during the flowering stage. This is the fruit stage; pretty cool! I like my pics of it from last year better. It isn't quite at its most mature state, when the achenes are fluffier. This bunch was growing at the N. end of Spearfish Canyon.

Part of Spearfish Canyon...the drive through the canyon, esp. in autumn, is beautiful.

Acorns growing on an oak tree at the N. end of Spearfish Canyon.

The harebells really just grow and grow, from June to Sept. These were along the trail to Spearfish Falls, in Spearfish Canyon.

This is my friend Jayne taking photos along Little Spearfish Creek, above Roughlock Falls.

The rough bugleweed, a mint, was growing around the park at Roughlock Falls. It's not as common as American bugleweed, and this was the first I'd ever noticed it.

Someone had broken off this branch of red osier dogwood berries and left it on a bench in the park at Roughlock Falls. Dogwood grows abundantly in the Black Hills.


  1. I love the new favorite wild flower...

  2. How lucky you are to have a friend that enjoys the same interests. I wish I had someone to go with me out to tramp thru the woods and look for birds to photograph. The clematis is lovely in all stages.

  3. Little Spearfish Creek is an ideal setting makes lovely photos...I love the names too...Roughlock Falls!!!