Monday, September 28

Spearfish Canyon in Autumn

It's barely autumn, officially, but here in W. South Dakota, autumn is very short-lived unfortunately. Winter hogs the show...anyway, Sat. was supposed to be "the" day to see the colors in the canyon but the Huz had to work so we took a drive on Sun., a blustery, overcast morning...
Bridal Veil Falls can be seen from the road through the canyon...the fall colors came on strong during the 2 1/2 weeks I was gone...

Fall colors from the roadside traveling down the canyon...

A double-seated bench by Spearfish Creek, behind Spearfish Canyon Lodge about halfway down the canyon, in Savoy...

Another bench along the creek behind SC Lodge...the sun was trying to come out...


  1. WOW!!!the leaves are really turning there..we are started to a little here ineastern KY.the photos are beautiful..and Spearfish Canyon is beautiful...

  2. Great photo of the waterfall framed by the trees. The second photo of the golden foliage with little spears of green accenting is beautiful too.

    We are just starting to see color here.

  3. Oh I'm so glad our leaves haven't started to turn yet...I do love fall but I so hate what comes right behind it!! Nice little post..glad you and the huz got to take this drive!

  4. ah, the Sunday afternoon drive - sure beats sitting in front of the TV! lovely pix. thanks. marge

  5. wow...already beautiful colors...winter will soon be upon your doorsteps. are you prepared for winter?

  6. I loved the waterfall...and your leaves are so far ahead of ours in their colors...soon though...You certainly had an idyllic place to view them!