Saturday, September 26

The Flowers of a NW September

Here's the rest of the flower photos I took during my trip to N. California...

I took this photo back on the 11th, at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in E's a rough blazingstar, surprisingly not as showy as the tenpetal blazingstar found here in the Black Hills (posted on 8-24).

The fuchsias have been growing in my parents' back yard since I can remember...

Marigolds in my parents' backyard...

Coast buckwheat was growing along the roadside near Samoa Beach, just across the Humboldt Bay from Eureka, CA, my hometown...

Ice-plant with yellow flowers was also growing along the road to Samoa Beach, between Humboldt Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

...A really pretty dahlia in my folks' back yard...Dad is the gardener...

You can't get more orange than the nasturtium! These are growing in my folks' back yard also...

The hydrengea bush growing in my folks' front yard has different variations of blue blooms...

This looks like blood sage, a salvia... growing in front of the head-quarters of the Humboldt Bay Nat'l Wildlife Refuge just south of my hometown...

Silverweed, a rose, creeps along on sandy shorelines...I saw this at Clam Beach, not far north of my hometown.

This is a red ice-plant flower. I saw this at the Arcata marshes...


  1. A beautiful series of blooms, many of which I recognise. FAB.

  2. Boy, there is some vibrant color in these beauties!

  3. They are beauties...some I have never seen before...great flower shots Jann..

  4. Hi Jann

    Most of the plants in your Dad's garden were also in mine - that is in Christchurch NZ - similar climate perhaps...

    The blazing star and coast buckwheat are both new to me and both very pretty flowers...

    Like you, I always had trouble remembering how to spell fuchsia until I looked at it closely recently and broke it into 3 sounds:


    and now I never forget!

    Happy days

  5. Thanks Delwyn, I knew that..really...but was going to look it up to be sure and forgot! This flower post took me a good chunk of time.

  6. Jann,
    Here's some fuchsia help that works for me...the plant is named for a 16th century German botanist named Fuchs...just remember his name and add the ia!
    My daughter has a good friend who's given name is Fuschia...she has a constant struggle with people trying to spell hers the right way which is botanically the wrong way.