Sunday, September 20

My Hometown Area II

This is the Carson Mansion, built for William Carson circa 1886, and his wife Sarah, who is said to have liked her simple farm house they lived in previously, more than the mansion. Carson came to N Calif looking for gold and instead discovered a fortune in redwood lumber. The mansion is said to be the most photographed Victorian house in the US. It is now a private club and cannot be accessed by the general public...that is, unless your parents live next door to the parents of a girl who happens to work at the club as a waitress, tee hee. I got a private tour two years ago, it was quite exciting! And yes I even sat up in the tower on the fourth floor, and looked out on the Humboldt Bay for a bit. The mansion is over 16,200 sq ft and cost $80.000 to build.

The Pink Lady house is across the street from the Carson Mansion. Carson had this house built for his son and daughter-in-law upon their marriage. When I was a little girl, my cousin's wedding reception was held in this house.

The harbor seals cruise around Woodley Island Marina waiting for fishy fall-out from the boats... on the west edge of Eureka in Humboldt Bay.
...Some fishing boats at Woodley Island Marina, docked in Humbolt Bay. Fishing and logging are the two main industries of the area.
Humboldt Bay Bridge from the west end...the marina can be reached at the opposite can see the other section in the distance...this bridge leads to the town of Samoa, where there's a paper mill and the beach. Those are ostrich plumes growing in the bottom left corner of the photo...they grow wild in the area.


  1. What a beautiful place to have grown up...Every where you go you are surrounded by majestic beauty..

  2. Wow , some house, looks like it should be haunted. :-)

  3. Hi Jann

    I love the fairy tale look of the pink reminds me a little of homes built in NZ in the mid 1800s for the wealthy immigrants...when I was at uni many of these old buildings were broken into student flats...

    The plant you call ostrich plumes we call Toi Toi in NZ (I grew up in NZ though live in Au now and have done for over 30 years)

    I am going to pull out my atlas now to place you on the Pacific Coast..

    Happy days

  4. Wow..I love that bridge shot! Great job...its so pretty there! You are so lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful area of our country! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Wonderful old houses and very well preserved. A great area to go walking with a camera.