Tuesday, September 1

Mellow Yellow

Common tansy is blooming along with the goldenrod...another cheerful yellow (an aster)...

The orangey hue of a yellow woolly bear caterpillar is delightful...

Sunflowers are still growing along roadsides throughout the area. This bud is by the path above Roughlock Falls...

Two fly fishermen on Spearfish Creek, with goldenrod in the background, cutleaf coneflower in the foreground...

Finally, an almost-decent pic of butter-and-eggs, a figwort wildflower. It was brought to the Black Hills by settlers, who seem to have had a knack at giving flowers descriptive names.

And hey, just for the heck of it, speaking of 'food'...I'll throw in a photo of my arroz con pollo (rice w/ chicken) dish...saffron makes it yellow...it's my MIL's recipe, a genuine Cuban dish that is garnished with peas and pimento...a side of fried plantains, also yellow, is the frosting on the cake but none were to be had this time. So we ate regular 'nanas instead.


  1. I think that ''butter and eggs'' plant is called Toadflax over here jann. Nice photo's.

  2. Great photos as usual, but the food looks delicious. We are also getting a lot of yellow wild flowers blooming now to.

  3. I grow tansy here in my garden, didn't know it grew wild in this country. Ditto for the butter and eggs. Pretty plant.

  4. Yellow is my most favorite color!!! so your post today brought me a ray of sunshine..great photos as usual...

  5. I loved every photo in your mellow-yellow post Jann...especially the "butter and eggs" photo and the "yellow woolly bear"...so warm and vivid!

    Smiles to you,

  6. ...beautiful flowers, and the caterpillar is gorgeous!! (Yum for your dinner...I likeee!)