Friday, September 25

Fried on Friday

I'm home! I'm zapped but so glad to be back; the Black Hills looked so gorgeous as I drove along the eastern side of them good to be in my own home, own 'hood, with my hubby...not that I didn't have a great trip, but you know, home sweet home...

I was going to do a Thoughts on Thursday post yesterday to respond to comments on my Oregon and N. Calif. posts, but yesterday afternoon before my mom and I landed in Billings, Montana for the night, I came down with a migrane and didn't get the laptop out. So this is my T on T on Friday instead...

I wish I could say that Eagle Point, the town we lived in in Oregon, is as pleasant as my photos depicted that I posted on 9-17. The points of interest are nice, yes, but overall the town is crowded and I don't miss living there. I do miss my brother, though, who lives there, and my friend Arlene, whom I stayed with.

If you've never seen the Pacific NW coastline, you must, must, must!! From the beautiful beaches with large rocks jutting out of the water to the fresh seafood, the sea life...lighthouses, etc's wonderful...and the redwoods, they are incredible...

On 9-20 I posted the photos of the two beautiful Victorian houses...Eureka, like San Francisco, has many Victorian homes in it and surrounding towns...the huz and I have stayed in two Victorian bed and breakfasts in the past, really awesome.

About that elk photo... the area was covered in a low layer of fog that morning, I did not touch up the photo to look that way. It was too awesome for words, seeing the two large bull elk, one chasing the other away from the female 'harem'...all in the foggy setting of the morning...

Last but not least, thanks Tucker for helping me re-ID the 'plain titmouse' I posted on 9-21 as a black phoebe...the photo of the black phoebe in the field guide is not a great example...I looked up photos of the phoebe on Google and I see that you're right. Thanks!


  1. Glad you are back and had a safe trip.

  2. Hi Jann

    well I think that elk picture is one of the best I have seen in blogging...You should enter it in a competition!

    Happy days

  3. Glad you're home, safe and sound AND over the migraine. Change of atmosperic pressure always does that to me.
    I long to see the Pacific Northwest coast lines. Having been to both states on business in years past, all I got to enjoy were the airports. Someday!!!