Friday, September 4

The Real Batman

....We interrupt our regularly scheduled nature program, to bring you what I personally consider heeelarious footage of my heroic husband's good deed of the day...yes folks, by day he's a mild mannered, professional firefighter...but when the sun begins to go down, he morphs into...Batman!

As Batman prepares to rescue the dazed and confused critter, an employee in the bldg. lets it be known just how she feels about the whole sordid affair...

Ok, all God's creatures are precious...but that doesn't mean they're cute! Batty wasn't overly excited at the prospect of being manhandled... by the way, did you know that there are 47 types of bats in the US? And NO, I'm not going to try to ID this one....

This just slays me! One of the clever fellow firefighters made Batman a special mask for the job...beings this wasn't his first bat rescue...pausing in mid-grab, using a soft rag...

Gently releasing the offending creature outside. No animals (or people) were harmed in the filming of this event.
Note: All photos were taken by Batman's trusty side-kick, Robin.


  1. Chalk One Up for Superhero's!!! Love this

  2. Enjoyed it Jann....Last summer a bat slept up behind our porch awning a few times...just above our we have them in the upper part of the barn, where I wiash they would stay!!!

  3. Yep that's sure is a bat!! and yep those fireman are always the heros..esp when they can catch and release one of those!! Great job!!

  4. This is too the special mask!!