Sunday, September 20

Pacific NW Water Birds

My CA sister (the other sis lives in Great Britain)..and I have taken a couple drives, along the shoreline of Humboldt Bay and to a couple wildlife conservatories in the's the water birds we found...

My most exciting find...a black-crowned night heron! Yessss! It's belly-deep in swampy water.

A brown pelican, that was surrounded by gulls and terns in the town of King Salmon on the shore of Humboldt Bay...

We saw a lot of terns at the bay also...a royal tern I'm guessing...

A double-crested cormorant sunning its wings...

This great egret came in for a landing as I was photo-graphing a nearby great blue heron, at the Woodley Island Marina in Eureka, CA.

Ok, this is possibly a mature Calif. gull...

This looks just like a first-year California gull, but then there are 2-3 other gull species that look like this too. Naturally, a gull can't just be a gull.


  1. Love the first photo of the nightheron.~What a lovely bird not a big lover of the herons we get as they have just cleaned my pond of all my fish

  2. Gulls are difficult to ID ! Great pics today

  3. Looks like the gulls are both Western Gulls. The tern appears to be a nonbreeding Elegant Tern, not a Royal. Nice birds and pictures by the way!